Use Cases

Relax in a sophisticated passenger environment. TransPod’s design takes the commuter travel experience to the next level.

Passenger experience

A stress-free experience by design

A future where there is no need to book in advance or stress due to fear of missing your ride or connection

A design with the passenger in mind

The unique FluxJet configuration offers higher capacity, optimised passenger throughput combined with improved comfort and safety.

The spacious interior in addition to extra wide doors on both ends help reduce variation of waiting time while boarding or disembarking while affording ample space for luggage and wheelchair installation.

The economy version seats 54 passengers

The business version seats 34 passengers


Possible customised passenger experience including variable seat arrangements and interiors. Each version offers 2 wheelchair spaces, 4 luggage racks and 2 charging stations

Interiors fitting and seats designed by Semcon.

Freight transport

TransPod improves speed of delivery, frequency of service, and affordability.

Connected freight terminals

TransPod’s freight terminal design allows for fast and automatic intermodal transfer of containers and pallets, which can be loaded on specialized pods. Freight is then transferred to (driverless) trucks for delivery to its final destination.

Freight Transportation faster and greener

TransPod’s fully electric system travels at speeds beyond 1000km/h for fast delivery with no carbon footprint.

Faster shipments, affordable rates

TransPod’s cost per tonne/km is more affordable than air cargo, enabling businesses to save travel time and warehousing costs.

Example of a Freight TransPod line between Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto.

tons of Co2 emissions avoided every year.

freight related car accidents avoided every year.

hours of freight travel time savings for businesses and consumers every year

annual operating revenues in dollars (USD)