TransPod system

The TransPod tube system is being developed to carry vehicles at speeds greater than 1000km/h.
Our system contains aerodynamic and propulsion systems to reduce friction compared to trains, automobiles, and jets, and to carry passengers at a faster speed.
Moreover, this technology is designed to be compatible with renewable energies including solar generation, supplemented by regional electrical grid connection link-ups.

The Pod

A plane without wings

TransPod aerospace vehicles are designed to carry passengers between cities at ultra-high-speeds. Faster than airline travel, the TransPod tube system is a comfortable, rapid alternative to highway congestion.

Maximum speed Up to 1000 km/h
Capacity Up to 54 passengers
+ 2 wheelchair spaces
+ 4 luggage racks
Payload in tons Up to 10 t of sensitive freight
Frequency A departure every 2 minutes

Smart infrastructure, cost effective

TransPod differentiates itself from other vacuum tube train systems by its low infrastructure and maintenance costs.

As infrastructure cost is a key decision factor in transport, the unique IP developed by TransPod brings the infrastructure cost down to the same as current high-speed transportation systems. Costs savings are achievable through advanced vehicle technology paired with an optimized tube infrastructure system.
Pod LPT infrastructure

TransPod Station

Intermodal Transit Hub

The TransPod station allows passengers to quickly board their pod to their destination.

Fast boarding gates erase the hassle of today’s airports and makes your trip substantially better. Every 80 seconds, a pod can leave the station and travel towards new destinations.

TransPod : Gardiner expressway in Toronto