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If you seek deep challenges in engineering, science, or business, in a dynamic environment with leading new technology, this job may be for you. We welcome talented and driven people to join our multidisciplinary team, contribute to advanced new work, and help build the next generation of transportation. TransPod is created by diverse and passionate top performers from around the world.

Our goal is to give you an opportunity to be at the forefront of new technology -- advanced aerospace vehicles, cutting-edge science and technology -- and to be part of a major international project, contributing to responsible urban design, transportation solutions, and fossil-fuel-free green technology.

Online Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the TransPod project.

We are looking for people who share a passion for creating something new with an analytical mind and a deep understanding of Engineering, Science, or Business, especially in the following areas:

  • aerospace design and dynamics
  • systems control
  • algorithms, signal processing, and communications
  • embedded programming
  • electronics and power systems
  • linear motors, electromagnetics
  • fluid dynamics and aerodynamics
  • materials and manufacturing
  • mechanical engineering
  • civil engineering
  • environmental science
  • transportation planning, economics, urban design
  • market analysis, distribution, business development
  • government relations, local planning
  • finance, analysis, corporate, legal

Adding to your core understanding above, some candidates also have further experience:

  • designing and managing complex projects
  • product design and development
  • regulation, standardization, RAMS
  • collaboration (corporate, academic, grants, negotiation)
  • writing, diagrams, animation, videography, communication, and idea-generation

You are invited to submit your CV/resume, so we can initially estimate how well you match.  Afterward, if you are selected, you will be invited to submit a more detailed portfolio to showcase your best work during a second step.

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We always look for people who have a deep understanding of engineering, science, or business, an analytical mind, and a passion for creating something new.