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TransPod s’associe à Liebherr Aerospace pour développer une technologie de gestion thermique de nouvelle génération pour hyperloop

Publié en juin 2017

Toronto, Canada – June 20, 2017 – TransPod, the startup that is building the world’s leading hyperloop system to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation, today announced a partnership with Liebherr-Aerospace, a leading global supplier of air management, flight control actuation systems, landing gears, gears, and gearboxes as well as electronics for the aviation industry in the civil and military sectors. Liebherr-Aerospace will support the research, development, and production of new cabin and vehicle thermal systems designed specifically for the TransPod hyperloop system to ensure safety, efficiency, and passenger comfort.

To develop a commercially viable hyperloop system, TransPod continues to build a network of global industry partners. In that network, Liebherr-Aerospace’s extensive experience in developing leading-edge technology for aircraft, rail, and automotive vehicles will guide the design of systems that have low operating costs while remaining environmentally friendly and robust.

“As TransPod’s vision and technology pave the way for hyperloop to become a reality around the world, we are continuing to expand our partner network of global industry giants who are passionate about re-imagining and improving the way we live and work,” said Sebastien Gendron, co-founder, and CEO, TransPod. “Liebherr-Aerospace’s expertise and commitment to excellence have shaped technological advances in many industries, and we’re confident this partnership will propel us even closer to bringing hyperloop to life in the near future.”

“Liebherr has a long history of investing heavily in research and development of next-generation technologies,” said Francis Carla, managing director, and CTO Air Management Systems, Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation SAS. “TransPod’s innovative and cost-efficient designs for its hyperloop system makes it an important strategic partner in our long-term vision of developing technologies of the future that will make transport greener, safer, and more comfortable.”

In November 2016, TransPod announced the closing of a seed round for $15 million USD and is continuing to invest in research, product development, and global growth. In March 2017, TransPod announced the opening of three offices in North America and Europe to accelerate the development of a commercially viable hyperloop system by 2020.

About TransPod

TransPod’s goal is to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation between major cities in developed and emerging markets. The startup was founded in 2015 to build the world’s leading hyperloop system to connect people, cities, and businesses with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable. TransPod is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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About Liebherr-Aerospace

Liebherr-Aerospace develops, manufactures and services air management, flight control/actuation systems, landing gears, gears, and gearboxes as well as electronics for the aerospace industry. Liebherr provides a complete OEM customer service based on a global network with maintenance, repair, and overhaul services, engineering support, documentation, and spare parts as well as AOG service.

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Director, Communications
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