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Intervention de TransPod au CityAge de Toronto à propos de l’Hyperloop

Publié en octobre 2016

Toronto, Canada – October 5, 2016 – TransPod, the startup that is building the world’s leading hyperloop system to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation, today announced that Ryan Janzen, co-founder and CTO of TransPod, will speak at the upcoming CityAge: Build the Future conference on Friday, October 7, 2016, at 9:20 a.m. at MaRS Discovery District. This event will gather leaders in business, government, and research to discuss business opportunities and solutions to manage rapid urban growth as southern Ontario’s population is expected to boom over the next 25 years.

Janzen’s talk will provide an overview of the concept and technology behind hyperloop, the 5th mode of transportation after airplanes, trains, automobiles, and boats. Hyperloop is designed to alleviate the problems inherent in traditional modes of transport, including slow travel times, fossil-fuel prices and dependencies, vulnerability to weather, and heavy carbon footprints. Projected to travel faster than 1000 km/h, TransPod’s hyperloop will fundamentally transform the transportation industry in Canada and abroad for passengers and cargo. The company is currently proposing a hyperloop route for the 12 million people who regularly travel between Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.

“Here at TransPod, our vision is a world in which people, cities, and businesses are connected with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable,” said Janzen. “It’s a world in which people are no longer confined by distances or constrained by time, and a world in which companies are no longer limited by long delivery processes. We’re the only Canadian startup building the hyperloop, and we’re working with industry experts and global companies to bring that world to life.”

TransPod recently presented a full concept of the company’s hyperloop pod at InnoTrans, the world’s leading trade show for rail transport technology, in Berlin, Germany. It revealed proprietary designs that alleviate long-term issues inherent in technology proposed to date and offered event attendees their first opportunity to experience TransPod’s hyperloop via virtual reality experiences.

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About TransPod

TransPod’s goal is to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation between major cities in developed and emerging markets. The startup was founded in 2015 to build the world’s leading hyperloop system to connect people, cities, and businesses with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable. TransPod is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit

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