Economic study

Preliminary infrastructure costs study

Initial order of magnitude analysis for TransPod Hyperloop System Infrastructure
Released in May 2020

The purpose of this Initial Order of Magnitude (IOM) analysis is to identify preliminary capital costs for TransPod hyperloop system infrastructure. Estimates were developed from conceptual engineering data and cost data from similar transportation infrastructure projects as well as budget-level cost quotations, where available. This analysis has been performed in collaboration with REC Architecture.

Estimates described within this report are intended to provide a basis for comparison of significant cost differences between the TransPod hyperloop system and alternatives, and are not intended to project budget costs.

The first section of this report will present an initial description of the elevated infrastructure design related to the TransPod hyperloop system.

The second section will provide a detailed cost breakdown per kilometre. Optimizations for elements of the system would be required as we develop the overall system.

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    Economic study released in May 2020

    Preliminary infrastructure costs study

    Initial order of magnitude analysis for TransPod Hyperloop System Infrastructure

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