Real-Time Programming and Electronics for Robotics and Aerospace Systems

Job offer published in March 2023
Toronto, ON, Canada
Start date ASAP

About TransPod

At TransPod, we are developing the “FluxJet”, an electrically-powered vehicle to travel up to 1,200 km/h for passenger and cargo transportation between cities.  Based on groundbreaking research, we are working to create ultra-high-speed ground transportation, with sustainable infrastructure, for a more connected world.

Who You Are

We seek top engineers, inventors, builders, and researchers, to work with like-minded people on our team from around the world.  You have a passion for creating, designing, and building.  You can easily design robotics, electronics and code, build it from scratch, and get it working.  This passion is apparent in your work and your hobbies.  You are practical and always figure out the most straightforward and best solution that can do the job well, and you make it work elegantly, robustly, and reliably.  You can also use sophisticated algorithms and math when it’s needed.  You are inspired by exciting physics and new inventions and love creating new things, making things work, and reaching the highest challenge.

What You’ll Do

You will serve as one of the leading designers of breakthrough new vehicle technology.

In this role, you will work on the FluxJet, an advanced new aerospace vehicle. Your focus will be on embedded programming, electronics, and robotics.  As part of the avionics team, you will be responsible for real-time flight-control systems.  You will also work on embedded development that will be used for propulsion, physics test benches, and machine-learning applications.   You will develop, test, and debug embedded software for our systems and will need a firm grasp of the physics behind our mechanical engineering work to do so.

You will be a pioneer and leading developer of new aerospace engineering technology alongside a team of experts from universities and manufacturers worldwide.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Minimum 10 years of combined studies & work experience in electrical engineering, or aerospace or mechanical engineering.
  • Excellent experience designing low-level code in C and electronics for: real-time motion control, sensors (optical, rotary encoders, magnetic, force, pressure), processing of sensor signals, feedback control, and communication between different processors and buses.
  • Experience designing and building robotics and other devices, including embedded code, electronics, and mechanics.  You will need to show a portfolio showing previous things you’ve built (entirely by yourself – or in cases where it was with a team, you should write down which part of the project you did yourself).
  • Experience with programming/designing for fault-tolerant and mission-critical systems (such as for vehicles, aerospace, or medical applications) with extremely high reliability, and redundancy/arbitration.
  • Excellent grasp of physics.
  • Excellent hands-on experience, plus theoretical knowledge.
  • Managing code across a team (repositories, documentation), cleaning code and working with a team to interface between modules.
  • Familiarity with Linux.

Some additional optional nice-to-have skills include

  • Experience leading teams and coordinating their engineering work
  • Signal processing (Kalman filtering, random processes, nonlinear filtering, computer vision) FPGAs, including soft processors.
  • Control systems (math and/or design) for linear and nonlinear dynamic systems, mechatronics, and vibration control (active & passive) at high bandwidth
  • Designing electronic and embedded hardware circuits, including schematics and PCBs
  • Avionics, including avionics data buses, and flight control systems
  • Guidance, navigation & control of vehicles
  • Graphics for control & visualization
  • High-precision robotics such as CNC milling
  • Power electronics

Why work at TransPod?

This job may be for you if you seek deep engineering challenges in a dynamic environment with leading new technology. If you are excited by supersonic vehicles, advanced systems for megawatt electrical power, and advanced electronics to control a 1000 km/h vehicle, you have an opportunity to push your skills to the limit, contribute to a major project, and learn from leading experts, including Ph.D.s and professors from around the world. Our goal is to allow you to be at the forefront of new technology — advanced aerospace vehicles, cutting-edge science and technology — and to be part of a major international project with a team across Europe and North America, contributing to responsible urban design, transportation solutions, and fossil-fuel-free green technology.

SALARY: The typical full-time equivalent annual hiring range for this job is: $100,000 – $130,000 CAD.
SCHEDULE: Full-time
PRIMARY LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada