Guidance and Control Engineer

Job offer published in March 2023
Toronto, ON, Canada
Start date ASAP

About TransPod

At TransPod, we are developing the “FluxJet”, an electrically-powered vehicle to travel up to 1,200 km/h for passenger and cargo transportation between cities.  Based on groundbreaking research, we are working to create ultra-high-speed ground transportation, with sustainable infrastructure, for a more connected world.

Who You Are

We seek bold thinkers and top engineers, inventors, builders, and researchers, to work with like-minded people on our team from around the world.  You have a passion for creating, designing, and analyzing.  You can easily design robotics, electronics and code and get it working.  This passion is apparent in your work and your hobbies.  You are practical and always figure out the most straightforward and best solution that can do the job well, and you make it work elegantly, robustly, and reliably.  You can also use sophisticated algorithms and math when it’s needed.  You are inspired by exciting physics and new inventions and love creating new things, making things work, and reaching the highest challenge.

What You’ll Do

You will serve as one of the leading designers of breakthrough new vehicle technology.

As Guidance and Control Engineer, you will work on the FluxJet, an advanced new aerospace vehicle. As part of the avionics team, you will be responsible for flight dynamics and real-time flight-control systems.  You will also work on the control of magnetic levitation and propulsion systems and robotic systems. You will create aerodynamics and plasma dynamics models, working with experts in those fields.  You will focus on systems control by creating mathematical models, programming simulations, designing system stabilization algorithms, designing test and safety procedures, and testing and analyzing data.

You will be a pioneer and leading developer of new aerospace engineering technology alongside a team of experts from universities and manufacturers worldwide.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Minimum 10 years of combined studies & work experience in aerospace engineering or mechanical or electrical engineering with a focus on vehicle dynamics, robotics, flight control, nonlinear control, or related disciplines
  • Excellent grasp of physics and a good understanding of dynamics fundamentals, modeling and analysis (e.g. robotics, multi-body kinematics, flight dynamics, aerodynamics) 
  • Excellent knowledge of systems control theory, including nonlinear systems control
  • Proficiency with C programming (preferred), and/or other languages
  • Proficiency with at least one scientific computing analysis platform (e.g. MATLAB (preferred), SciPy, and/or Mathematica)
  • Experience with designing and building robotics or other devices, including embedded code, electronics, and mechanics.  You will need to show a portfolio showing previous things you’ve built (entirely by yourself – or in cases where it was with a team, you should write down which part of the project you did yourself)
  • Documentation of scientific results, graphing, diagrams, writing research papers/reports

Some additional optional nice-to-have skills include

  • Experience leading teams and coordinating their engineering work
  • Processing data from sensors, signal conditioning, handling imperfect data (sensor fusion and arbitration), control of actuators, 3-phase motors
  • Time-domain simulation of multi-rate embedded systems
  • Safety experience:  Design of safe procedures, algorithms, and systems, to protect human lives.  Hazard analysis; RAMS analysis
  • Linux

Why work at TransPod?

SALARY: The typical full-time equivalent annual hiring range for this job is: $100,000 – $140,000 CAD.
SCHEDULE: Full-time
PRIMARY LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada